Sally Bogle – Consultant

Broad Experience

I have been an independent coach and consultant since 2008, working in leadership and team development for organisations of all sizes and across private, public and charity sectors. I developed my facilitation, and coaching skills and a strong understanding of group dynamics and organisational development through 9 years in the Learning & Development team at UNITE Students, whilst the business was going through a period of very fast growth. My time there culminated in the role of L&D Director, where I worked closely with leaders across the business and headed up a team of eight trainers and coordinators.

Detailed Knowledge

  • Leadership And Management Development
    I work with leaders at all levels of their development and experience, from those in first-line management through to senior managers and directors. As well as in-house bespoke programmes designed to meet the needs of the client organisation, I also run open programmes in leadership development, where the cohort is made up of high-potential individuals from different organisations.
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
    I have been coaching since 2001 and hold an MSc in Coaching & Development from Portsmouth University. Most of my coachees are in leadership roles and I have many years experience of working with those preparing for or transitioning into the most senior roles.  In the last few years I have increasingly also worked with leaders on developing their resilience and personal well-being. I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Counci and have regular coaching supervision.
  • Team Coaching
    My work in this area aims to help teams to move forward into high performance and to maintain their work at that level. This may mean working with a new team over a period of time or coming in to a team that feels ‘stuck’ and needs some fresh insight or challenge.

Plain English

I am interested in working with people’s ‘real-life’ situations rather than teaching theory for its own sake. I take a practical approach in all my work, with clients working with their real experiences and challenges when looking at any topic. I keep ‘teacher talking time’ to a minimum on my programmes and my facilitation style is a coaching one, enabling participants to make the topics relevant to them in their context.


To find out more about enlightenHR, please contact me directly:

07967 221644

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