Senior leadership development

We design and facilitate development programmes for mid to senior level leaders and managers and have a particular strength in working with those transitioning into more senior roles and with leaders who need to grow their leadership capability as their business grows.

All our programmes are very practical, with participants being expected to work with their real experiences and challenges when looking at any topic. ‘Teacher talking time’ is kept to a minimum and the facilitation style is a coaching one, with theory, models and tools used in the service of helping participants in their ‘real-life’ context as leaders and managers.

In all our programmes we encourage participants to become curious and questioning about their own behaviour and impact and about what sort of leader and manager they wish to be.

We offer leadership programmes and individual and team coaching designed specifically for your organisation and open programmes, where participants from different organisations can learn from each other’s experiences.

Bespoke Leadership Programmes

Whilst many of the skills needed to be a ‘good’ manager are common to all   business environments, we also recognise that some may be more critical in some organisations and during certain periods in the       organisation’s development.  For this reason, whilst much of the material we might use for our leadership programmes is generic, we always work with our clients to make sure that every module is tailored to their organisation and its individual needs and builds on the existing talents and experience of participants.

Topics covered may include such things as:

  • Coaching & developing your team;
  • Leading Change;
  • Thinking Strategically;
  • Working with and through conflict;
  • Building personal resilience;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Authentic Leadership;
  • Presence & Presenting;
  • Impact & Influence.

Open Leadership Programmes

We offer open programmes that bring together leaders from a variety of different organisations, who have interest in and energy for really challenging themselves to become the best leaders they can be.

They are a great way of learning if you want an experiential, practical approach, which enables you to follow your own interests and set your own challenges. The programmes provide participants with a new network of peers outside the organisation, with whom to share experiences and points of view.

These are action inquiry programmes in which leaders explore and develop aspects of their leadership that are important to them and to their organisations over a period of months.   Much of the ongoing work and learning goes on day-to-day as participants develop their leadership practice back in their organisational roles.

The role of the facilitator(s) is to guide, challenge and support participants using coaching and mentoring skills. Themes for theoretical and practical input emerge from the interests and energy of the participants.  This means that whilst there are some common themes, each group and programme is quite unique and tailored to the needs of participants.

These programmes can also be offered as in-house programmes, providing colleagues with a powerful shared learning experience.

Individual Executive Coaching

We work with a wide variety of individuals with different experience and expertise.  Many of our coachees are in leadership roles and we have many years experience of working with those preparing for or transitioning into the most senior roles.  Here developing genuine self-awareness, reflective capacities, resilience and an authentic leadership style and voice are a particular focus.

We generally work with clients over 6 sessions of 2-3 hours each over a period of 6 to 12 months.  However, we will always discuss the client’s needs in order to decide together if this is the best arrangement to meet those needs.

Senior Team Coaching & Facilitation

Our work in this area aims to help teams to move forward into high performance and to maintain their work at that level. This may mean working with a new team over a period of time or coming in to a team that feels ‘stuck’ and needs some fresh insight or challenge.

Such work often involves some 1:1 conversations and facilitated team days or retreats away from the office, there is no ‘magic formula’ that works to help every team. We work hard with our clients to understand the needs of the team and business and to design team interventions that are going to really help the team move forward.  As with all our leadership development work, the style of facilitation is a coaching one, respecting that however hard we work to understand any business, the team we are working with know it much better than we possibly can, so we take a coaching approach, facilitating conversation, even when its tough, and we don’t assume to ‘tell them what’s best’.

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