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Alison Benney CFCIPD

Tell me Alison, why ‘enlightenHR’?

There are lots of small to medium sized businesses with hugely talented Directors focused on maximising business opportunities and revenues; constantly changing and often complex Employee Legislation isn’t their primary focus and they often see it as a “dark art”! Our job is to enlighten and advise employers in a flexible and affordable way to ensure they avoid all pitfalls, some of which can be very costly, whilst achieving their business objectives.

What about your background, is it pure HR?

I actually grew up in the family hotel business, so small business is in my blood! I then spent the first half of my working career, 12 years, in business operational management, firstly with a major hospitality chain followed by a leading High Street retailer before progressing into HR management with a number of blue chip companies. This I believe enables me to see the bigger, business picture, not only from the people perspective.

Would you say you specialise in any particular areas?

Whilst we can and often do assist with virtually any and every HR and training issue, our primary work streams broadly encompass Employee Legislation/Relations and associated documentation, together with specialist coaching and training around all employment related concerns. Our website gives full details of these services.

What would you say are the principal challenges facing your consultancy today?

To continue to be considered as a true business partner in delivering appropriate, flexible and affordable HR solutions to our customers, whilst growing our client portfolio. We specialise in working for SMEs and have as clients organisations which employ from 5 to 250 employees in different sectors, some without any HR resource, some with an established HR team seeking specialist help or advice. I’m delighted to say that the quality and success of our work is reflected in the fact that almost all our new business comes via referral from satisfied customers.

What makes your service offering different, special perhaps?

Each of our specialist team members is a CIPD qualified and experienced HR professional, each one only handling a small select number of business owners or managers. That way they get to quickly develop a full understanding of all the business issues, as a true business partner and adviser, feeling like a very part member of the team, able to give specialist help and advice when and where it is needed most. Some employment law advisers simply tell you the law and leave it there. We not only know the law, we use our knowledge to deliver the total solution for your business. We also provide an invaluable Support and Advice Line between 8am and 8pm six days a week available on annual subscription.

So, Alison, in summary?

Being on the wrong side of Employment Law can be very damaging in more ways than pure cost, think of the organisation’s reputation – both internally and externally – for example. So don’t be in the dark and struggle, let us enlighten you and give you peace of mind.

Alison Benney, Director of enlightenHR was talking to Paul Stokes, Regional Director of Versutus Recruitment Communications.

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